Since our focus is first and foremost on the required function, we produce a great diversity of products – depending on the project.


Actuators realized to date

  • Single-acting, double-acting, “quasi double-acting”
  • Synchronous cylinders
  • Rod diameters of 5 -50 mm
  • Rod materials: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium
  • With/without end position damping- weld-type construction, screw-type construction
  • Double-tube construction (A and B connection in the cylinder base)
  • With/without coating
  • Spring-loaded brake cylinders for tool spindles
  • Cylinders with 2 interconnecting piston rods for 2 functions (holding/pressing)

Power units realized to date

  • Simple standard unit with pressure control valve
  • Catalog unit with specific adaptation
  • Unit with spring-loaded oil volume for operation in any position on the robot arm
  • Three-phase current, alternating current and direct current units
  • Mechanical piston pumps (foot-operated pumps)
  • Combined systems with mechanical and electric drives
  • Integrated valve systems for safety checks
  • Double pump units

Valve systems realized to date

  • Adjustable, cushioned pressure control valve integrated in the pump housing
  • Adjustable flow control valve
  • Mechanically actuated 2/2 directional seat valve integrated in a block system
  • Mechanically actuated 3/2 directional valve with rotary disk valve integrated in a block system
  • Hydraulically actuated 3/2-way gate valve integrated in a block system
  • Pilot operated check valve, integrated / flange-mounted
  • Ultra-small pressure control valve (2.4 x 3.4 mm) Popen = 190 bar

Line systems realized to date

  • NG3 hose lines, up to 250 bar dyn.
  • G4 hose lines, up to 250 bar dyn.