First-rate performance in hydraulic systems

obtu fluid systems gmbh develops, manufactures and sells small hydraulic components and systems. The goal of every one of our developments is to find solutions which precisely meet the requirements of the customer both in terms of technical performance and commercial feasibility.

Small hydraulic actuators and sensors are always the first choice when other technical systems are pushed to their uppermost performance limits because of limited space.

Our range of products and services

  • Project definition

    • Solutions
    • Concepts
    • Draft designs
    • Preparation of tender specifications and performance specifications
    • Market research and researching of competition
    • System comparisons
  • Design

    • Realization of the selected draft concept
    • Detailed design engineering and calculations
    • Production drawings
    • Production and moderation of FMEA
  • Realization

    • Procurement of parts for prototyping
    • Checking of conformity with standards
    • Development of optimization strategies
    • Functional optimization
    • Design-to-cost
    • FMEA / Risk analysis
  • Series product

    • Assistance with supplier selection and quality assessment
    • Development of assembly and testing facilities
    • Support for series production launch
  • Purchasing management

    • Reduction in costs of materials while securing availability and quality at the same time by using new sources of supply
    • Supplier management
    • From selection through to auditing


The resultant products therefore exactly reflect the requirements set out in the performance/tender specifications, meaning that the customer need not make any compromises of the kind which are always necessary when components from a catalog have to be used for new functional requirements.

This is illustrated here with reference to a hydraulic unit, which not only meets requirements in terms of hydraulic functions but also performs static loading tasks as a cross rail.